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About Telcom Trader

Your Total Financial Business Solution Provider

Telcom Trader gives your business an edge in today’s economy.

Telcom Trader is a well established international payments platform offering payment facilities by combining procedures which have been set in place by an expert team of lawyers and professionals in the telecom and digital technology industires.

Telcom Trader are dedicated to providing you with the very best services, with a specific focus on staying ahead of the competition and becoming your number one source for all things related to your financial business needs.

Telcom Trader has come a long way from its beginnings and our passion for excellence has driven us to serve customers all over the world and we are thrilled that we’re able to turn our passion into products you can enjoy.

Working to secure your future


With Telcom Trader we are working hard in establisbing one of the most secure and reliable payment platforms in the market. Our experienced finance professsonals work tirelessly around the clock to ensure we are able to provide sufficient protection to our clients against fraud.

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Secure and tested platform set up as a private vault providing multi-layered protection


With the ever growing problem of fraud in the digital world which leads to losses of billions of dollars every year, our team makes it a priority to ensure your transactions are safe and with sufficient protection for both buyers and sellers. The other alternate is to use a lawyer and their escrow accounts, which can be very time-consuming.
Our global payment platform combines procedures which have been set in place by our expert team of lawyers and professionals in the telecom and digital technology industires. You can be assured that we are setting the standard for processing transactions safely, quickly and around the globe.

Why Use Telcom Trader Escrow Services?

In today’s competitive world, quality and quick financial transactional services can pave the way to success for any business, help make new business clients and effectively forge long term relationships.


Payments are securely released only when receipt of goods or services is confirmed and in accordance with the agreements in place.


No external need for additional intermediaries. The agreement are online and created online within minutes.


Our service allows you to extend the reach of your telephone network rapidly with no capital expenditures or network expansion costs.


At very affordable costs, we work while you save your time and efforts towards growing your business.

Regardless of whether it is a high value trasaction, once in lifetime purchase, post dated sale, or even a recurring regular transaction, Telcom Trader protects the interests of all parties involed in the transactions.


Process payments in a few clicks


Be assured your transactions are protected


Split payments to multiple recipients


Send & Receive payments within 24 hours*