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HR Telecom Service

HR Telecom Service

At Telcom HR Services, consistent quality is our greatest doctrine – one which has impelled us forward in the HRO services industry. Every day, talent by talent, we help organizations build their human capital and focus on their core competency.

Our skills and expertise cover a wide range of HR activities and initiatives – designed to meet specific organizational needs.

IT & Telecom Recruitment

IT and Telecom are our area of specialization. Our clients are among the largest service providers and product companies. We have honed our skills in this sector to perfection. Our finest team of IT Recruiters consisting of engineers, science graduates and even IT post graduates are bent upon ensuring focused service to clients like you.

How you benefit

Our extensive understanding of skill sets and their availability gives you access to talent that is not listed on job portals. Years of working on various skills sets have led to all India understanding of availability of skill sets and the skills wise mapping of most of the top IT services organization. Our staffing professionals comprehend the dynamic technology and telecom environment with a rare knack. So we consistently place superior talents who bring immediate value to organizations.

Our specialization

  • IT Software
  • Telecom Software
  • Telecom
  • IT Hardware and Networking
  • Testing and Quality
  • Security

Candidate skill sets

  • Vanilla Skill sets – Java, J2EE, .NET, ASP
  • Niche Skill sets – Interwoven, Ascential Data Stage, Remedy, Cognos, Tandem
  • ERP/CRM’s – SAP, Oracle Apps, PeopleSoft, Siebel
  • Mainframe Technologies
  • Data warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Client Server Technologies
  • Embedded / EDA / VLSI / ASIC / Chip Design
  • GPRS/ GSM/ RF/ Switching/ Router/ Network Engineers

Our placement levels

From practice heads to project managers and technical leads, depend upon us to place resources at all levels.

BPO Recruitment

Want of experienced resources in the industry – driven by high attrition levels – never seems to abate. At Telcom Trader HRO Services, we’ve built and sustained a reputation of excellence by continually filling this lacuna with steady, long-term executives. Today, we are viewed as a leading retained search firm with specialty practice teams in BPOs and their functional disciplines.

How you benefit

Whether it is recruitment or screening, or rapid deployment of new call Centre or functional BPO operations, our team offers specialists who can become valuable assets. Depending upon your Company framework and preferences, we handle specific portions of your employment process or the entire staffing operation.

  • Refining: This begins by refining requisites for your specific search, as we match a large pool of candidates to your specifications. This includes screening and validating CVs for fitment, identifying and mapping the candidate’s skills accordingly.
  • Assessing: We conduct telephonic or personal interviews with short-listed candidates to assess suitability. Through a functional evaluation, our empanelled experts test their functional or technical skills.
  • Methodology: Along with personal discussions and functional or technical interviews, this includes aptitude, personality and skill-specific technical tests designed by knowledgeable experts.
  • Identifying: Through stringent and testing practices, we identify and track superior candidates best suited for the profile. We help place them whenever an appropriate assignment comes up. Thanks to our sophisticated research abilities, expect consistent quality and seamless service each time.
  • Completely customized: Aided by our professional and skilled judgment of candidates, your HR and technical professionals save a lot of time and effort. What’s more, all the above processes are tailor-made in consultation with your demands and requisites.

Our placement levels

With specialists working round the clock, we have created an enviable record in placing high-end and senior professionals in leading BPOs. Indeed, we provide careers across levels – conducting both staffing operations and large recruitment campaigns for major companies. We provide both experienced recruitment staff and technology to select and establish new centers or to maintain full employment at existing centers.

IT Contract Staffing

With our exclusive IT Contract Staffing processes, you’ll never have to turn down promising projects for want of resources. Trust our staffing professionals to meet your short and long term temporary staffing requirements, at all times.

How you benefit

We take it upon ourselves to place efficient personnel at your site whenever you request. This is for a temporary contract period and we ensure demobilizing the deputed personnel when it concludes.

So you experience the excellent performance of deputed personnel while enjoying the flexibility and freedom to focus on your core goals.

  • Experience greater flexibility than that with regular personnel
  • Have talented resources by your side to meet needs of your growing business
  • We enable speedy mobilization and demobilization, while doing away with time-consuming and expensive hiring procedures
  • Pay only for working days, and save costs
  • You have no statutory obligations as well
  • Save costs with our comprehensive approach, that streamlines the development process and reduces overhead costs as well

Our placement levels

Whether you have an immediate need or just want to be ready for anticipated demand, you can depend upon our staffing solutions to enhance your business.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is touted as the next big thing in the outsourcing business. For corporate India it has swooped down like a Superhero, rescuing it from headhunting tribulations. At Telcom Trader HRO Services, our team of specialists is set to fish out the supermen in the field.

Just like a super challenge is daunting, surging attrition rates is a problem here too. We are among a handful of HR firms specializing in RPO services, while building and sustaining workforce.

How you benefit

  • Sourcing: We actively source relevant candidates from resumes that make way into our centre.
  • Assessing: In accordance with specifications, we screen, profile & provide you with people, effectively shortening recruitment cycles. Our expert recruiters help assess and select appropriate candidates, and add value to your talent pool.
  • Saving precious time: Your HR department can effectively utilise time as we take on much of their tedious work like sorting resumes in e-mail or job boards. This saves time and effort, and improves productivity in other areas – like bettering employee satisfaction in the Company.
  • Active vis-à-vis passive: Having gathered expertise in our field of search, we have cultivated a sharp eye and intelligence to pick the active candidate out of passive ones.
  • Posting jobs: We also provide exclusive job posting services to save your time and improve productivity. While we complete posting functions, you can concentrate on value-creating and strategic activities. All you need to do is give us the basic information, job title, geographic location, skills required, job type, job reference number and description. We will post your job requirements. Not only is this easy and gets eyeballs, it’s also a cost-effective method.
  • Save costs: You can cut costs by replacing fixed cost with a variable charging structure.
  • Beyond services: To provide greater value and enhanced services, we offer specialised services too. From corporate intelligence research, to database maintenance, skills testing, to research and monitoring, we analyze market trends to give you a competitive edge every time. What’s more, with the best talent at your behest each time, you also build competitive capability.

Our placement levels

We bring you efficient professionals at all levels, starting from freshers to a responsible and experienced director. Our multi-channel sourcing strategy works to suit applicants well to positions.

New standards in RPO: Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing (oRPO)

It is the newest hero in town, and the whole world is resounding with its buzz. It is the process of transferring the onshore recruitment process elements to an offshore service provider. The service, styled oRPO, is what we at Telcom Trader HRO Services are already providing to select clientele.