Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia

Our Network

Core Architecture

Telcom Trader’s hosted voice architecture is fully redundant, with our main voice and data center in EU. We are housed on the very same floor as all the major telecom carriers. Our infrastructure is also served with real time synchronized fail-over to 4 points of presence throughout North America & Europe so that we are live in the case of an outage in Warsaw. We can serve any location in North America & Europe with north American telephone numbers.

For our client sites, we also deploy our services with strict guidelines and requirements at each location to ensure we have a dedicated and shortest path to our core network, to ensure voice quality and control. We accomplish this through a dedicated voice circuit, which we provide and maintain by ourselves, and for which we have full packet-level control at all times. Nothing but voice related traffic is allowed through this circuit. This eliminates much of the diagnostic process if a call quality issue should occur.

Direct-to-Site Connectivity and Quality of Service Control

Telcom Trader is a VSP (Voice Services Provider) and it uses its position to assure voice call quality through a single private dedicated IP connection made direct to our softs-witch and out to the PSTN network creating unprecedented call quality at a fraction of a T1 cost. Due to our architecture, we do not have to ask an ISP to assist troubleshooting any issues – we can monitor, troubleshoot, and ultimately fix the majority of issues that would otherwise wreak havoc on similar cloud based solutions providers that do not insist on dedicated connectivity. We can provide circuits as little as 1 megabit per second, up to gigabit fiber optic connectivity.