Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia


Our Services

As your trusted financial partner, Telcom Trader is dedicated to providing you with total support for the serivces that we deliver.

Money Transfers

Process fast and secure money transfers once the obligations of both the buying and selling parties have been met.


Our invoice management system matches every payment against an invoice and Individual contract details before completing the payment process.


Real-time reports are available based on thrash-holds you set on your account.

Contract drafting

Offering advice on drafting agreements protecting your interests, time and money.

KYC Verification

Verification of transacting parties on the platform making sure you know who you are working with.

Dispute Settlement

Automatic notification when a dispute is raised or generated by the system once the figures go above the accepted threshold.

Secure and Reliable Services

Our secure and tested platform has been set up as a private vault which provides multi-layered protection for buys and sellers allowing them to conduct their financial transactions with confidence and 100% transparency.


Process payments in a few clicks


Be assured your transactions are protected


Split payments to multiple recipients


Send & Receive payments within 24 hours*

One for all!

We provide a one stop financial management platform to buyers, sellers and resellers. Regardless of your company’s size or the value of your tractions with Telcom Trader you are covered. Our efficient and decdicaed teams will ensure you have all the tools to make quick and secure payments upon delivery of your intended services.

Need some advice? Ask our professional team who are always ready to share their knowledge!