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Voice Services

Business Voice Services

Telcom Trader has a strong commitment to deliver quality business VoIP, business phone system solutions and telecommunications services, that will evolve with the needs of our customers. We bring additional value through assessing, maintaining and supporting these solutions for the best efficiency, performance and value. Telcom Trader support services are flexible and scalable to fit your specific business support needs. Our technical engineers will support your staff in managing mission-critical voice, data network and applications solutions. As your trusted partner, Telcom Trader is dedicated to providing you with total support for the solutions that we deliver.

Personal, immediate and commanding attention, Voice still plays the key role in managing your business and reaching your customers. It’s essential to have Voice Services that are both effective and efficient in helping you maximize your business strengths. With Telcom Trader on your side, you’re assured of the best. Whether it’s simple PBX connectivity or a customized company-wide voice solution, we can offer the technology that’s best for your specific business requirements – and we can do so at market leading call rates. Simple tariffs with service and equipment plans, structured to provide clear cost benefits.

When you combine Telcom Trader’s Voice with other Apace services (such as ClearOS or PBXware), you also enjoy one-bill convenience, reducing paperwork and freeing your time and your staff for more productive pursuits. Of course, every Telcom Trader solution will be tailored to your specific needs and delivered on a world standard network that covers Greece and extends throughout the globe.

Home VoIP Phone Service

A Home VoIP Phone with Telcom Trader is the smart way to go. Not only do we offer great rates, but a top quality service as well. There are plenty of features available with your Telcom Trader Home VoIP Phone, so you don’t have to miss a call, and you can also protect your privacy.

We enjoy providing our customers with the best Home VoIP Phone Service possible. With Telcom Trader on your side, you’re assured of the best. Using Telcom Trader’s Voice termination services you access a high quality network and enjoy extremely low rates.